Pneumatic nebulizer / with compressor / pediatric PARI JuniorBOY® SX Pari

Pneumatic nebulizer / with compressor / pediatric PARI JuniorBOY® SX Pari

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The smart one – variable and gentle for the smallest patients consists of PARI LC SPRINT Junior Nebuliser (yellow insert), Connection Tubing (f/m), Mouthpiece, BABY Bend and BABY Mask size 2 Ideal for the smallest patients %u201E%u201EShort inhalation time - less than 7 min. (with salbutamol) for 2.5 ml Inhalation Solution Equipment for babies from the first months of age: BABY mask, BABY bend %u201E%u201EEffective inhalation with PARI LC SPRINT Junior Nebuliser and fine droplets for the smaller airways ob babies and infants %u201E%u201E No specific inhalation technique required PARI JuniorBOY SX is ideal for treating babies as young as one month as effectively as possible. It can be used to treat illnesses such as bronchial asthma, allergic asthma as well as acute and chronic bronchitis. The configuration and aerosol properties of PARI JuniorBOY SX have been specially adapted to meet the special needs of small patients. The PARI LC SPRINT Junior Nebuliser which is delivered with the PARI JuniorBOY SX generates particularly small aerosol droplets. As the lower airways of children are narrower than is the case with adults, this is necessary to deliver a therapeutically effective dose to the lungs. A baby mask for the treatment of babies and small children is supplied also. The flexible connection piece furthermore can be used to position the soft, well-fitting mask. Therefore it enables a comfortable and effective inhalation either sitting or lying down. A mouth piece is supplied for use by children from 3 years on.
  • Type:pneumatic
  • Other characteristics:pediatric, with compressor
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