Inhaler PARI SOLE® N Set Pari

Inhaler PARI SOLE® N Set Pari

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- Pleasant, moist and warm aerosol - For coughs, head colds, hoarseness - Promotes wound healing after ENT operations - With mask, mouthpiece, nasal joining piece The PARI SOLE® N is a nebuliser system for moist and warm inhalation treatment of diseases of the upper and central respiratory tract. When treating inflammation of the throat, pharynx, larynx and nose, the nasal cavities and also after ENT operations, the areas affected benefit greatly from being moisturised and warmed gently. This moisturisation and temperature control play an important part in maintaining the physiological functions of the mucous membrane in the diseased areas. Moist and warm aerosols even help to improve blood circulation and unblock the nasal passages. The PARI SOLE® N inhalation system is used to provide an aerosol at a temperature of about 37°C (body temperature) that is also very moist. This aerosol has been optimised for treating the upper respiratory tract.
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