Peak flow meter Pari

Peak flow meter Pari

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For optimal self-checking Measurement range 50-800l/min with small mouthpiece for children. - simple and easy control of therapy - with useful traffic light function - detachable mouthpiece The PEAK FLOW METER is used for measuring the peak flow of exhaled air and thus the expiratory force of the lungs. When PEAK FLOW measurements are taken regularly, even small changes in the condition of the lungs can be detected. In addition, the traffic light function makes it easier to monitor the patient?s current state of health. By using medications in good time, Asthma can be brought under control or a serious asthma attack can be prevented. With the peak flow log, it can be determined whether the medications prescribed by the doctor are having the desired effect. A 4-week log is included with every PARI PEAK FLOW METER. Additionally you can download the file.
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