Implantable cardiac stimulator Vitatron G70 DR Vitatron

Implantable cardiac stimulator Vitatron G70 DR Vitatron
Vitatron G70 DR

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The Vitatron G70 DR Dual Pacemaker System is the leader when it comes to technology. 30 minutes after the implant, the Rate Profile Optimization is automatically enabled. The appropriate pacing and sensing polarities are automatically selected by the device. The Atrial and Ventricular Output Management is enabled, the amplitude and Pulse Width becomes adaptive. Sensing Assurance™ is enabled and becomes adaptive. Reduced VP™+ is enabled 60 minutes after implant. It is linked to Cardiac Dashboard II, records highlights/significant events, AT/AF, pacing summary, threshold and impedance trends, etc. It has a long battery life, accurate, can access to atrial arrhythmia diagnostics
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