Cardiac stimulation lead IHP 09JB Vitatron

Cardiac stimulation lead IHP 09JB Vitatron

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IHP 09JB is intended use Vitatron implantable transvenous leads which are leading to be utilized with pulse generators as part of a cardiac pacing system. See product labeling for specific directions regarding application. Line powered equipment utilized in the vicinity of the patient must be properly grounded. Warnings an implanted lead forms a direct, low resistance current path to the myocardium. Therefore, use only battery powered equipment during lead implantation and testing to protect opposed to fibrillation caused by alternating currents. Do not use steroid eluting leads in patients for whom a single dose of 1.0 mg dexamethasone sodium phosphate may be contraindicated. Use of a passive fixation atrial lead may be contraindicated in the absenteeism of a right atrial appendage. In patients with mechanical tricuspid heart valves, use of endocardial ventricular leads is contraindicated. Contraindications When tricuspid valvular disease is present, use of a transvenous ventricular lead is contraindicated.
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