Implantable cardiac stimulator Vitatron E60 DR Vitatron

Implantable cardiac stimulator Vitatron E60 DR Vitatron
Vitatron E60 DR

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For initialization and implant detection, this device is excellent. Rate Profile Optimization becomes enables after a 30 minute detection cycle. Pacing and sensing polarities are automatically detected by the device. Heart rate, AV conduction and Reduced VP™+ are histogram types provided. It also indicates rate profiles. This device has a durable battery, preforms observations, and follows current trends for ventricular pacing thresholds. Impedance trends include atrial and ventricular lead types. It also has threshold trends. Pacing summaries are also made available by this machine. It is useful for high rate episodes of both atrial and ventricular types. It provides a ventricular rate during AT/AF as well as repeated EGM episodes.
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