The Planmed Envision™ series

The Planmed Envision™ series
The radiologist workstation

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Radiologists need efficient tools for image reading. For such a delicate and precise task, it’s essential that the workflow is simple, the communication is clear and that there are intuitive tools and suitable data filters so that the radiologists can focus on their principal task – analyzing images. Not all the needs are the same and thus Planmed provides two different kinds of workstations, Planmed Envision™ and Planmed Envision™ PRO.


Planmed Envision™

Planmed Envision™ is a powerful radiologist workstation supporting multi-modality image display. It features two high-resolution 5-megapixel displays, a customizable workflow with prior images, as well as dedicated reading tools.


Apart from mammography images, this multi-modality and multi-vendor workstation supports digital breast tomosynthesis as well as ultrasound, MRI, and many other modalities.


Planmed Envision™ PRO

The Planmed Envision™ PRO workstation adds even more dedicated tools for mammography screening. While both versions support mammography and multimodality image display, Planmed Envision PRO can really boost efficiency in screening with an easy workflow that is accessible through the Planmed DigiPad™ short-cut key panel.


Planmed Envision Pro incorporates expert viewing methodology, including Tabár’s systematic viewing mask techniques, for searching for subtle radiographic abnormalities. Both tomosynthesis and the 2D views with current and prior images streamline the workflow, and options such as computer-aided design (CAD) are also available.


Shortcuts are the key to simplifying the workflow, and the optional Planmed DigiPad provides an easy access to often-used functions, with less mouse work. This significantly enhances the ergonomics especially in busy screening centers.


Both workstations are fully DICOM 3.0 and IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) compliant.

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