Planmed Sophie™ Classic S

Planmed Sophie™ Classic S
Efficient analog mammography

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Planmed Sophie™ Classic S is a reliable analog mammography system that can perform even in the most demanding environments and provides extra value for the investment. The compact and upgradeable system can grow with the demand.

Cost-effective choice for screening and diagnostics

The Planmed Sophie Classic S unit is a great choice for performing mammographic breast examinations. High technology and smart solutions enable efficient workflow at smaller clinics and busy screening centers as well as guarantees high performance without interruptions. Diagnostic mammograms are also available by upgrading the unit with a magnification platform and a stereotactic biopsy device.

Proven performance in analog mammography

The motorized, iso-centric rotation of the C-arm is a Planmed innovation now widely used in the field. The rotation eases the workload of radiographers by reducing strain in the arms and neck. Automated features, such as the automatic exposure control and the automatic selection of the collimator secure correct parameters for imaging and help to avoid additional retakes. Reliable functions ensure that examinations are both patient and user friendly.

Options for diagnostic work-up

The optional magnification platform offers magnification factors of 1.6 and 1.8.

Optimized for CR-mammography

Planmed Sophie Classic S can be used for digital mammography with CR-plates. The optionally available interface connection is compatible with most CR-systems in the market.

Tube: Low dose microprocessor controlled
Generator: High frequency constant potential microprocessor controlled generator
Swivel range: -135 to +180 degrees
Cassette sizes: 18x24 cm and 24x30 cm
Source-detector distance: 65 cm
Dimensions: 985 x 900 x 755 mm
Weight: 160 kg

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