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Accurately record ventilation and oxygenation status


Not available in the US


With reliability, accuracy and patient comfort as the core benchmarks, the TCM5 BASIC transcutaneous ventilation and saturation recorder sets new standards for recording ventilation and oxygenation status.

It continuously records ventilatory status and oxygen saturation in both pediatric and adult patients, recording multiple parameters such as tcpCO2 as well as Masimo SET® SpO2, pulse rate and perfusion index (PI).


Awake during sleep

With a dedicated sleep mode, the TCM5 BASIC monitor operates in complete silence and with an optional dark screen – ensuring undisturbed overnight recording of patients suffering from sleep or breathing disorders.

And direct compatibility with polysomnography equipment and other patient monitoring systems make data recording as well as management simple and convenient.


Intuitive user interface for optimized workflows

The TCM5 BASIC monitor is the most compact of Radiometer’s transcutaneous monitoring solutions. The intuitive user interface and color touchscreen as well as on-board interactive tutorials create an exceptional user experience, guiding the user along the way and reducing the need for special user training.

The integrated Masimo SET® technology for pulse oximetry provides accurate recording of oxygen saturation even during motion and at low perfusion. And the monitor’s light-weight and compact design with a built-in battery allows for easy transport.

The unique gold-plated tc Sensor 92 offers high reliability of results even after prolonged usage and only needs remembraning up to every 28 days freeing up valuable time for caregivers.


Get the overview of your patient data

Store, share and manage data easily with advanced connectivity features.

The TCM5 BASIC monitor is directly compatible with polysomnography equipment and other patient monitoring
systems making data recording as well as management simple and convenient.

The TCM5 BASIC monitor also works with Radiometer’s AQURE TC ResQ software solution and supports accurate data analysis at any time.

An integrated data memory, storing up to 1 year of continuous recorded data, lets you download patient results to a PC or export them via USB.


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