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Six simultaneous tcpO2 measurements from one monitor with built-in data management


Radiometer's TCM400 monitor is a portable unit providing up to six simultaneous measurements of transcutaneous oxygen tension (tcpO2), delivering practical information to prompt the right clinical decision for patients with wounds or suffering from vascular diseases.

In combination with the high performing pO2 sensor, the tc Sensor E5250, the TCM400 monitor offers reliable, accurate, non-invasive and real-time measurements.

The tc Sensor E5250 has a very high measuring accuracy and rapid response during measurements. It is durable, shows demonstrably low drift and is easy to use in clinical practice. The tcpO2 core technology of the sensor is conceived with extremely low oxygen consumption.

Sensors are automatically and individually calibrated whenever they are placed back into the calibration chamber, reducing preparation time and improving workflow.

The TCM400 monitor automatically provides you with the regional perfusion index (RPI), a reproducible predictor for wound healing, and its light weight and compact design with a built-in battery allows you to transport a running system from patient to patient.

Its advanced built-in patient data management system enables real time data storage and allows for on-screen visualization of patients data in graphical or tabular format. The integrated data memory lets you download patient results to a PC or export a patient report in PDF-format via a USB stick. Monitoring data and patient reports can also be printed out; just connect the TCM400 monitor to a printer.

The monitor's on-screen keyboard offers fast and easy entry of patient name and ID, reducing the risk of patient mix-up.

On-board video tutorials make it easy to train staff in how to use the TCM400 monitor, and the tutorial sessions can be reviewed at any time.


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