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Get an complete overview of your POCT setup - from one dashboard


Your point-of-care-testing setup probably involves many different types of devices from various manufacturers.  Radiometer's AQURE point-of-care management system can give you an overview of all your devices from a single dashboard and notify you immediately if there's an issue, so you can start work on solving the problem.

Even better: the AQURE system is based on Microsoft® standards, so it's ready for integration into your existing hospital IT platform.

That’s what we call open, smart, integrated point-of-care management.


Get push notifications whenever there's an issue with an analyzer

The accuracy of your point-of-care testing setup is critical. With Radiometer’s AQURE system, you'll be immediately notified in the event of any issues with an analyzer, whether it’s a critical error, a glitch in a monthly statistics report or a quality control failure.

With the AQURE system, it’s never been easier to ensure that point-of-care devices are operational and are delivering quality results.


Make sure only trained operators have access to your analyzers

Radiometer's AQURE point-of-care management system keeps compliance in check by managing operators centrally.

The AQURE dashboard gives you a full overview of all your point-of-care operators, their access rights, password expiry dates, skills and assigned training courses, as well as the daily rate of passed and failed patient and QC samples run on connected devices.

Make sure the right people always have access to your analyzers – and the wrong people don't.


Simplify compliance with paperless documentation

Be inspection-ready at a moment’s notice. Radiometer’s AQURE point-of-care management system offers easy online access to reports listing issues and corrective actions.  It's simple and paperless.

The AQURE system also provides a fully documented history of the root causes of any issues, plus any corrective actions taken.  Your troubleshooting is always ready for regulatory scrutiny. 


Optimize your workflow and reduce the risk of patient-sample mix-up

In busy hospital wards, Radiometer’s AQURE point-of-care management system optimizes the process from the moment a patient’s sample is taken to the time a result is delivered.

Through FLEXLINK*, the AQURE system registers patient, operator and sample IDs directly at the bedside, reducing the risk of patient-sample mix-up. Once the sample is measured at the analyzer, patient results can be sent back to a bedside monitor.

Automatic patient-sample match at the bedside secures data accuracy, optimizes overall workflow for caregivers and enhances patient safety.

* FLEXLINK is part of Radiometer’s 1st Automatic concept.

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