Mobile cryosurgery unit WA1000B™ Wallach Surgical Devices

Mobile cryosurgery unit WA1000B™ Wallach Surgical Devices

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The WA1000B console has the perfect combination of built in safety features and of easy-to-use controls that you?re looking for. The WA1000B uses the powerful LL100 two-trigger freezer for Nitrous Oxide, which differs from units designed for Carbon Dioxide due to the properties of the gas. With the WA1000B, freeze and defrost only occur only when triggered by a switch mounted in the console and can be turned off instantly. A color-coded gauge allows you to easily read the gas pressure at a glance. Surgeons will gain unparralleled control by using the equipment?s Temperature Indicator during cryosurgery. An excellent selection of disposable plastic shields and reusable sterilizable cryotips are available. Take advantage of the audible freeze timer and gain precise read-outs of the temperature on thermocoupled tips by using an independent hypodermic thermocouple.
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