Cervical brush disposable Papette® Wallach Surgical Devices

Cervical brush disposable Papette® Wallach Surgical Devices

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Wallach’s Papette Cervical Cell Collector is extensively used for conducting pap tests based on conventional or fluid-based pap smear technology. Usually the process involves two-step brush and spatula combination but the new papette performs in a single step by effective collection of cervical cells including the transformation zones as well. Papette is first choice among the collection of cervical devices by offering accurate pap test readings with its collection efficient cell samplings. The increased cell yield in which the full spectrum sample includes the transformation zone enhances the pap test accuracy. The latex free device with its unique soft LDPE bristles and slip agent offers the physician with one step simple procedure and minimizes the patient's bleeding. The accurate device minimizes retesting or negative results and delivers faster conclusive results which improves prognosis at an extremely economical cost.
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