Cytologic sampling device endometrial Endocell® Wallach Surgical Devices

Cytologic sampling device endometrial Endocell® Wallach Surgical Devices

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The Wallach Endocell™: Endometrial Sampling with the Simplicity, Safety and Economy Your Patients Deserve The screening of endometrial carcinoma and other precancerous conditions have never come easier, for the Endocell provides an affordable and accurate method of doing so. This disposable device uses manual suction to extract histological samples in duration of seconds from the uterine mucosal lining. The Endocell also serves other functions such as; monitoring the effects of hormonal therapy on patients and as a diagnostic tool for problems relating to infertility, uterine pathogens, handling endometrial biopsy, suctioning and the extraction of menstrual fluids. The benefits or advantages of using the Endocell include: Providing simple non-traumatic procedures to patients Reduced discomfort and the possibility of bleeding, and tissue abrasions when compared to the D&C method A manually generated suction provided by elastomeric seal piston plunger Numbered sounding marks for safety, precision 3.1mm outside diameter
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