Gynecological examination table / electrical / height-adjustable DH-S105B Kanghui Technology

Gynecological examination table / electrical / height-adjustable DH-S105B Kanghui Technology

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Performance profile ? the gynecologic operation platform is the combination of the new Department of gynaecology operation platform of market demand, has the advantages of novel structure, beautiful shape, line succinct smooth, especially the integrated design of the head, back, seat, and the operation is simple and effective, the machine adopts the electric push rod control, by adjusting the integration surface deflection angle. The realization of different point of operation platform, providing easy and professional diagnosis and treatment of gynecological professional position for diagnosis, ultrasonic inspection and general obstetrics and Gynecology operation. ? with power supply electrified display function ? with bolt bed body regulating locking function ? electric adjustment function in the diagnosis and treatment and operation, the patients easily adjusted to the most convenient position ? the legrest can move forward and backward, left and right rotation, height adjustment, the lock is convenient The lower initial position is convenient for the patient to sit ? flip type armrest, funnel-shaped basin dirt, ? hand control and foot control two control mode (optional one) A molding die, mattress, seamless foreskin (Pu) Standard accessories: Leg holder 1 pair Clamp 1 pair Filth Basin 1 piece Foot switch 1 piece Note?Mattress made from mould, with no seam on the surface.
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