Gynecological examination chair / pneumatic / height-adjustable / 3-section DH-S106 Kanghui Technology

Gynecological examination chair / pneumatic / height-adjustable / 3-section DH-S106 Kanghui Technology

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Performance profile ? the examination bed for multifunctional examination bed, applicable to all kinds of tests including gynecological examination, beautiful appearance, functional and practical, simple operation. ? examination bed back lifting gas spring operation, back with a scroll of paper. Position seat plate and is provided with a fixed ? examination paper tape, can according to customer requirements, increase the seat plate up function (optional). ? examination bed legs plate, pedals and dirt basin are hidden, to save space. Foot stool ? patients under examination bed can help check bed front, foot stool for hidden. ? examination bed with large capacity drawer, can place inspection apparatus, the file information, the drawer panel trim strips can be changed with different colors to match the decoration color, examination room, coordinately, posterior drawer with two-way axial tension function (from the left or right side of the bed body can be pulled out), with a drawer heating function (optional) for gynecological equipment insulation, heating. ? mattress for seamless foreskin, easy cleaning, replacement of the detachable also for different colors of the mattress, and more thorough cleaning. Standard preparation Foot pedal The dirt Basin Paper roll Posterior drawer The front end of the drawer Foot stool Bed pad
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