Delivery bed / electrical / height-adjustable / on casters DH-C101A04B Kanghui Technology

Delivery bed / electrical / height-adjustable / on casters DH-C101A04B Kanghui Technology

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The bed is the company accompany delivery bed and a new family member, is a set of production, labor, delivery, recuperation and gynecological operation, gynecological examination, diagnosis in an international company delivery of new ideas under the guidance of the human intelligence production beds, pay more attention to maternal and child emotional world and action demand, minimize the nursing staff the work intensity, simple operation, convenient. The operation is simple, flexible and convenient transfer, braking and steering system so that the stability of the central better bed. mark clear touch operation keys are arranged at both sides of guardrail, nursing staff and patients can be convenient operation. the blow molding process molding guardrail, to health, nursing staff and the patient warm and comfortable feeling. built-in auxiliary table for blow molding process of one-time molding, more convenient operation clean health and medical personnel to use. hidden barrier the bed body can more easily through the narrow aisle, zero clearance and realization and rescue vehicles transfer. guardrail with night vision aperture (optional). induction type night lamp provides the bed area and ground automatic lighting (optional). uninterruptible power supply system to ensure the use of emergency situations (optional). To provide a stable support starting position of low to try to walk when the mother.
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