Hemoglobin analyzer HbGold Drew Scientific

Hemoglobin analyzer HbGold Drew Scientific

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The HbGold instrument and support reagent kit is designed to use in vitro measurement of HbA1c, HbA2/HbF and also detecting the hemoglobin variants in blood samples. But in USA, this instrument is available only for research. Some of its features are: Assays for HbA1c, HbA2, HbF and Hemoglobin Variants; 1 column and 1 set of reagents for all assays; Self Automatic identification and calculation of Hb fractions; 100 capacity autosampler having stat sample facility; It can store 100 results and chromatograms on board; Having several assay capability; Cooled autosampler for higher sample stability. The HbGold uses the cation exchange chromatography in combination with gradient elution for separating human haemoglobin subtypes and variants from the haemolysed whole blood. Separated haemoglobin fractions can be easily controlled with the absorption. The chromatogram obtained is recorded as well as kept in the internal computer. There is a software program which performs the chromatogram analysis and also produces a result report to the printer. This product can perform 3 different assays: - HbA1c assay, 5.5 minutes/sample; HbA2/HbF assay, 6 minutes/sample; HbVariants assay, 13 minutes/sample.
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