Automatic hematology analyzer / veterinary Hemavet 950 LV Drew Scientific

Automatic hematology analyzer / veterinary Hemavet 950 LV Drew Scientific
Hemavet 950 LV

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Hemavet 950 LV Hemavet 950 LV is a new, fast, multi-species hematology system designed specifically for veterinary medicine. Intended to use: Total Quality makes it right in your Office. Low Volume (1 to 9 tests per day), Low Throughput, Low Cost per Test. Features: 20 parameters, including platelets Fast - 26 samples per hour Complete 5 part WBC differential Designed specifically for veterinary medicine Patented Expectation Maximisation software Fully automated, whole blood open vials Simple to operate Low maintenance, due to Focused Flow® technology Optimized Reagents and Controls Efficient, cost effective patient management Parameters: WBC, NE#, NE%, LY#, LY%, MO#, MO%, EO#, EO%, BA#, BA% RBC, Hb, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW plus additional flagging for NRBC#, NRBC%, see note Platelet Count, MPV 3D cytograms : WBC subpopulations, RBCs, PLTs Note: Differential parameters and abnormal flagging not available with all Species. Species 2 standard and up to 6 optional Pre-programmed Species Keys. (Additional species can be run on 'OTHER' key)note1. Available Species: Bison, Calfnote2, Camel².
  • Operation:automatic
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