Automatic glycated hemoglobin analyzer DS360 Drew Scientific

Automatic glycated hemoglobin analyzer DS360 Drew Scientific

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DS360 HbA1c Analyzer DS360 HbA1c Analyzer is designed to measure glycated hemoglobin in blood samples for diabetes control. HbA1c is used to monitor diabetes. The high throughput and automated primary tube sampling, low maintenance, easy to use interface and full color touch screen makes this ideal device for main laboratory, clinic or satellite laboratory. Features: HbA1c results in 3.5 minutes immediate labile fraction removal with no need for external incubation. Simple to use with full color touch screen 36 position autosampler Detects presence of HbS, HbC and HbD. Scientific Principle: The DS360 uses high pressure cation to exchange liquid chromatography in conjunction with gradient elution to separate human hemoglobin subtypes and variants from hemolysed whole blood. The unit will accept whole blood or pre-diluted samples before preparing, incubating and analyzing samples automatically. The separated hemoglobin fractions are monitored by means of absorption of light and the chromatogram obtained is recorded and stored by the internal computer. A software in the instrument performs the analysis of the chromatogram and generates results through any attached USB printer.
  • Operation:automatic
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