Hematology cell imaging system EasyCell® assistant Medica

Hematology cell imaging system EasyCell® assistant Medica
EasyCell® assistant

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The EasyCell® assistant is the most advanced hematology system as it makes use of pattern-recognition and image-processing technologies to make distinguishing white cells automatic. EasyCell easily identifies white cells on a blood smear, does cell categorizing, and then a technologist is able to view them displayed on an LCD screen. The hematology system generally minimizes sample review times by half through the manual differentiation method using a microscope. This way, the technologist can expect further accuracy, precision, and efficiency. What's more, the EasyCell shows red cell and platelet images for red cell morphology performance and platelet estimate respectively. EasyCell assistant utilizes advanced optical pattern recognition software making identification and categorization of normal blood cells, smudge cells, NRBCs, and variant lymphs automatic. The cell images are then presented and sorted according to cell type for confirmation by the technologist. Overall, the EasyCell assistant minimizes review time to 2 minutes or less!
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