Blood gas analyzer EasyBloodGas Medica

Blood gas analyzer EasyBloodGas Medica

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The Medicas EasyBloodGas unit allows for traditional blood gas analysis in a new format. Thanks to its compact size and easy integration into existing laboratory workflows, the unit offers space-efficiency. It is capable of combining gases and liquid buffers to create a convenient reagent platform containing single-phase calibrants. All of the analyzer components are simple modules that are easy to access. The amount of maintenance required is limited, as only the reagent module, single pump tube, and reagent module need to be replaced on occasion. The analyzer measures PCO2, pH, and PO2, and calculates eleven different parameters. Some of the patient parameters, such as Hb and FIO2 can be entered into the system using the digital keypad. Patient results are integrated in the system. Results of the calculations and measurements can be printed. Users can expect precise control of calibrator volumes.
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