Blood gas and electrolyte analyzer EasyStat Medica

Blood gas and electrolyte analyzer EasyStat Medica

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Medica's EasyStat blood gas analyzer is utilized to measure PCO2, pH, Na+, CA++, K+, CI- and Hct, and it is able to calculate additional parameters. The digital keypad enables information to be entered and integrated with patient results. This information includes patient parameters, FIO2, patient temperature, patient ID, %FIO2 drawing site and other information. EasyStat is able to provide precision and high performance in the healthcare environment, whilst focusing on being able to deliver efficient and economic sample results. EasyStat's compact format and modular design reduces space requirements and maintenance. It has an economical operation and low cost per sample due to the disposable electrodes and reagent module. The liquid calibrants are packaged in a single reagent module and all analyzer components are combined into simple modules. The user is guide through the analyzer operation by the simple menus guide.
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Bedford, MA
United States
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