Electrolyte analyzer EasyElectrolytes™ Medica

Electrolyte analyzer EasyElectrolytes™ Medica

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Company Medica features one of the latest and most innovative electrolytes analyzer, EasyElectrolytes™ that primarily emplhasizes on laboratory’s requirement for providing sample results at most affordable price. Unique electrode design, coupled with perfect control of calibrator volumes, makes sure that the operation is low-cost and it delivers rapid test results. EasyElectrolytes™ estimates Li+, Cl-, Na+ and K+ in the entire blood, urine (excluding Li+), serum and plasma. The results for serum sample of 55 µL are displayed as well as printed in 35 seconds. Incorporating simple yes/no prompted operation and large display, prior to use, the analyzer needs less technical training or guidance by laboratory technicians. A user-friendly reagent module consists of all liquid calibrants. The components of the device are packaged into three convenient modules that can be accessed easily by user. The scheduled maintenance is restricted to replacement of reagent module, an individual pump tube and electrodes. The machine employs most advanced hardware and software, along with optional bar code reader that accounts for successful tracking of all analyzer results, monitoring calibrant usage, calibration and other functions.
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