Heel pads ViscoBalance® Bauerfeind

Heel pads ViscoBalance® Bauerfeind

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For those that have differences in their leg length, ViscoBalance in the shoe that offers the perfect solution. When you apply the Viscoelastic heel cushion to the shoe, you can choose to add 3-10 mm of extra length. One of the notable features of this cushion is that it is anatomically shaped hence it eradicates pain and damage to the spine and joints. ViscoBalance is proven to relieve pain associated with Achilles tendon disorders. It can be worn while walking, during exhilerating sports activities and even in work shoes. Viscoelastic heel cushion is gentle on your skin, caters to your shin and it is extremely durable. Not treating different leg lengths may lead to inclination of the locomotor apparatus, which results in a number of issues and pain of the spine, knees and hip joints. ViscoBalance provides the added cushioning you need to comfortably eradicate the difference in leg lengths.
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