FT-IR spectrometer IRcube Series Bruker Optik

FT-IR spectrometer IRcube Series Bruker Optik
IRcube Series

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The IRcube?s top-quality components, better signal averaging, high performance, and small footprint allow OEMs to deal with challenging applications. It?s permanently aligned optics, compact size, and insensitivity to vibrations and temperature changes, make it the perfect rugged modular system. With a developer?s tool kit and ActiveX controls, IRcube™ can be programmed with VB scripts, allowing OEMs more flexibility. Furthermore, secure computer interfacing via standard Ethernet, using TCP/IP protocol and an embedded HTML server, enhances IRcube™?s connectivity and mobility. The system is based on a compact, rugged spectrometer with a splash-proof housing and permanently aligned optics that make it suitable for the toughest process environment. With IRcube™, Bruker Optics is bringing its new technology to a new area, mid-infrared spectroscopy, allowing OEMs to create unique, custom integrations and applications, according to their needs. The IRcube™ can enable OEMs to handle more demanding applications, and be used as a UHV-chamber coupling module, reflectance module, or gas analyzer.
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