Biological microscope / AFM / inverted BioScope Resolve Bruker Nano Surface

Biological microscope / AFM / inverted BioScope Resolve Bruker Nano Surface
BioScope Resolve

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Providing new insights into mechanobiology research Most quantitative live-cell mechanical property mapping with PeakForce QNM and FASTForce Volume modes Highest resolution molecular and cellular imaging of any BioAFM Seamless AFM and inverted optical microscope integration for unsurpassed correlation of data Superior AFM performance powered by PeakForce Tapping BioScope Resolve™ features the highest resolution atomic force microscopy imaging and most complete cell mechanics capabilities available for use with an inverted optical microscope. The system incorporates Brukers exclusive PeakForce Tapping® technology to enable researchers to achieve the highest resolution biological imaging and piconewton-level force measurements and spectroscopy at every pixel. These capabilities, combined with its unmatched productivity and ease of use, have made PeakForce Tapping the most cited AFM technology in peer-reviewed publications over the last several years. BioScope Resolve utilizes this technology and real-time synchronization of optical and AFM data to open the door to previously inaccessible life sciences data, including insights into physical structure, biochemical interactions, and mechanical properties.
  • Microscopy type:AFM
  • Domain:biological
  • Configuration:inverted
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