Endoscope washer-disinfector Serie4 Soluscope

Endoscope washer-disinfector Serie4 Soluscope

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The Serie 4 is an Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor that can complete a cycle in 16 minutes, which is the fastest on the market. Its patented dual wash technique is unique and features new chemistry formulas. The device is time- and money-conscious. It permits lesser consumption thereby reducing costs. It is driven by innovation, integration, and intuition. Intuitive because it features a new generation interface with HMI touch screen technology. It guarantees traceability with straight forwarding monitoring of data. There is less manipulation with the dedicated connections. Integration is shown in the device's compact design. It has self-contained filters, chemistry, continuous leak test, and traceability system. Furthermore, it has a network with complete solution that enhances reprocessing and a double check system that comes with alarms for critical parameters. It is also innovative because of its dual wash technique. It features patented volumetric channel control that monitors every channel individually.


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  • Application:endoscope
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