Data management software / medical / laboratory IT Soluscope Soluscope

Data management software / medical / laboratory IT Soluscope Soluscope
IT Soluscope

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The IT Soluscope is designed based on the Information Technology to easily connect to your Soluscope reprocessing equipment enabling a full visibility of your park of endoscopes. IT Soluscope now provides real time information regarding the status and position of your endoscopes to signal when it is ready to use, now eliminating the need to wait in front of machine. The data is stored automatically for secured tacking in future. IT Soluscope enhances work process, provides optimum output in less time and delivers all required information during process. IT Soluscope is the foundation of complete solution. IT Soluscope interface provides an easy, quick and efficient access to all the vital information required for the medical staff. The device can be connected to your Soluscope equipment, to provide real time information only during requirement of human intervention and enable real time controlling during need.


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  • Function:data management
  • Application domain:medical
  • Medical establishment:laboratory
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