Endoscope washer-disinfector Soluscope 3 Soluscope

Endoscope washer-disinfector Soluscope 3 Soluscope
Soluscope 3

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Soluscope 3 is compatible with major endoscope brands. It is an efficient automatic endoscope reprocessor that completes a cycle in 20 minutes. It cleans, rinses, and does high level disinfection in that short period of time. The standard cycle delivers an endoscope that is ready for use from leak test to air purge, ensuring safety and total protection. It has a patented channel control system that assures the endoscope is reprocessed properly and is ready for use. It also has a complete automatic disinfection cycle, which includes water treatment, preventing the device from contaminating the patient. Also, the air and water filtering system is monitored continuously for prevention of contamination. Its traceability system (printer and barcode reader) is integrated and guarantees easy operation. The cycles are fully automated with automatic dosage and without chemical contact. The cycles are completed in 20 minutes to ensure quick turnover of scopes. The adapted lid and chemistry prevent vapors and fumes for even lesser exposure. Throughout the cycle, critical parameters are closely and continuously monitored.


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  • Application:endoscope
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