EEG amplifier / 64-channel / 128-channel BE Plus Ebneuro

EEG amplifier / 64-channel / 128-channel BE Plus Ebneuro
BE Plus

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The Heart is a completely modern modular system, which was created by European experts in the field of Neurophysiology Medical Solutions. This portable device features a 64 channel amplifier. The aforementioned amplifier provides users with a high sampling rate and an outstanding time resolution. It can be connected to another 64 channel amplifier for creating a128 channel system that is both highly flexible and comfortably wearable. The true 16 bits AD conversion device gives excellent amplitude reception. Connections between computers and fiber optics cables make the system able to be utilized in harsh environments. Another feature is the Impedance Check, which is available on the Headbox. This does not cause the users to lose space, due to the LED proprietary solutions. These solutions are embedded in the safety plug connectors that come standard on this model. Easy visualizations are provided by this innovative solution.
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Via Pietro Fanfani, 97/A,
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