EMG amplifier Nemus 2 Ebneuro

EMG amplifier Nemus 2 Ebneuro
Nemus 2

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The Nemus 2 is a highly innovative, multi-use neurological diagnosis system. It replicates a complete neurophysiological laboratory in a small package. The Nemus 2 can be applied to three different disciplines, as well as to diagnostic procedures involving combinations of these disciplines. The Nemus 2 is capable of performing Electroencephalogram (EEG) diagnostics, Electromyogram (EMG) diagnostics, and Evoked Potential (EP) or evoked responses diagnostics. The system makes full use of its two high-quality EMG channels and 20 monopolar channels to provide a wide variety of both basic and advanced tests.
Via Pietro Fanfani, 97/A,
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