Digital electromyograph / urology PelvyTutor Ebneuro

Digital electromyograph / urology PelvyTutor Ebneuro

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The Pelvy Tutor is a compact, patient-wearable device used during rehabilitation therapy for those experiencing either urinary or fecal incontinence. The device respond to pressure or electromyographic feedback signals detected by anal or vaginal probes that are inserted in the patient. The probes are constructed of soft, medical PVC and feature gold-plated electrodes. The wearable Pelvy Tutor acquisition unit is self-powered. It communicates with a remote PC by means of wireless Bluetooth technology. The base unit comes with a compete set of software that supports data submission, processing, storage, and display. Pressure measurements are made possible by the use of special pressure transducers which have been integrated into the unit. EMG measurements are obtained via two optoisolated electrographic sensors. Pressure and electromyographic measurements can be acquired, processed, and stored at the same time.
Via Pietro Fanfani, 97/A,
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