32-channel electroencephalograph GEM 100 Ebneuro

32-channel electroencephalograph GEM 100 Ebneuro
GEM 100

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The GEM 100 is a high-performance clinical EEG system developed as part of a unique collaboration between Electrical Geodesics, Inc. and ATES MEDICA Device srl. The GEM 100 permits the use of EGI's HCGSN 32 - channel electrode system with the GEM 100 amplifier and Neurotravel software from ATES MEDICA DEVICE. The GEM 100 system is based on powerful USB and Bluetooth® technology for the acquisition of EEG traces in both ambulatory and stationary modes. When used as an ambulatory recorder, the GEM 100 is powered via an internal Li-Ion battery, rechargeable via the USB port.
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