Dilatation catheter / balloon Mustang™ Boston Scientific

Dilatation catheter / balloon Mustang™ Boston Scientific

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The Mustang Balloon Catheter offers complete performance with only one balloon. It has strong dilatation, smaller sheath sizes, longer lengths and superb cross and track. With these features, the Mustang Balloon Catheter offers excellence in every dimension. The Mustang Balloon Catheter is easy to use and deflates quickly. Its tip is only 15 percent larger than the 0.035 inch wire. It uses a low level of force for insertion, withdrawal and re-insertion. It provides exceptional pushability and trackability. The Mustang Balloon Catheter comes in a variety of sizes. Diameters measure from 3 mm to 12 mm. The balloons measure from 20 mm to 200 mm in length. The shafts measure 40 cm, 75 cm and 135 cm.
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