Dental laboratory sealer / infrared quasar / quasar plus Zhermack

Dental laboratory sealer / infrared quasar / quasar plus Zhermack
quasar / quasar plus

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Quasar Quasar plus has one year warranty. The advantages of the product are quick and easy to learn welding concept. Quasar Quasar Plus infrared welding avoids any combustion process and related oxidation during the heating phase The Quasar plus welding process is eight times faster with respect to traditional methods laser welding 25 30 min Quasar plus welding 6 min. The main characteristics of Quasar is production of thermal energy using an optical system of infrared light capable of generating a maximum temperature of 1350 °C. Electrical rotation of the support plate by means of a joystick to facilitate the internal welding process. Precise mechanical centering system for factual focal aiming of the elements to be welded. Power arrangement system which gives total control of the heating temperature. Accurate focus of thermal energy in an optimum welding area of approximately one cm in diameter. It is well-organized extraction system for fumes and gases produced during soldering.
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