Dental laboratory mixer / alginate Hurrimix Zhermack

Dental laboratory mixer / alginate Hurrimix Zhermack

Advantages. The device mixes the quality consistently on any operator. Important Factors Mixing Capacity: It has the capacity to mix small quantities of Zhermack stones up to 100 grams. Software with 20 mixing programs. 10 alginate programs, including 7 customised for Zhermack alginates, but modifiable bestow to need. Control: Controls polycarbonate membrane. Display: Provides a broad digital display. Device Electronic: The device has electronic microprocessor control. Compact: Compact current generation design with rounded lines and customisable colours, permit the harmonization of the appliance with the dental surgery's dcor. Large Digital Display: Large digital display facilitates reading and programming. Avoids Material Dispersions: Hermetic seal containers avoids all material dispersions at the time of mixing. Easy use: Extremely easy to use and clean. Speed: Mixes much faster than the manual mixing.
  • Applications: : dental laboratory
  • Designed for: : alginate
Via Bovazecchino, 100,
Badia Polesine (RO)
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