Dental autoclave / bench-top / with vacuum cycle Zetaclave B Zhermack

Dental autoclave / bench-top / with vacuum cycle Zetaclave B Zhermack
Zetaclave B

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ZHERMACK is a class B autoclave. It is made for sterilizing solid surgical instruments, type A & B hollow instruments, porous loads, and packeted instruments. It is comprised with a stainless steel chamber that is pressed in a single block and it guarantees the maximum attainable levels of hygiene. The long lifespan offers a guaranteed greater resistance for external treatment. The motorized door offers easy opening and the thermal printer is built-in to allow the user the ability to verify all sterilization cycles. Automatic water loading is possible through the mineralizer and it doesn't require daily interventions. With the reversible tray holder there are four trays that can be rotated and allows the insertion of two cassettes.
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Via Bovazecchino, 100,
Badia Polesine (RO)
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