Cardiac stress test equipment Easy ECG Stress Ebneuro

Cardiac stress test equipment Easy ECG Stress Ebneuro
Easy ECG Stress

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Innovative PC based Stress Test System working with Windows XP/SEVEN® and acquisition modules EASY ECG Pocket. Data signal acquisition from the patient with USB or Bluetooth® interface. Extremely user friendly graphic for the recording of stress traces in immediate and precise way. Visualization and automatic measurements at 12 leads in real time with automatic calculation of HR, Power, BP, ST, METS, etc. trends. Digital filters LP, HP, antidrift and Notch of high quality for the careful recording without artifact. Compatibility with the main communication protocols for many of the common ergometers and treadmills. User-selectable protocols with pre-exercise protocols, stress and recovery steps. Automatic and customized editing of patient report; transmission of traces and reports by email, or network etc.
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