Calibrator CRC ® -55tR Capintec

Calibrator CRC ® -55tR Capintec
CRC ® -55tR

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The Capintec CRC®-55tR Dose Calibrator is designed to provide accuracy and speed when the need arises to measure and prepare doses. The design of the CRC®-55tR's is menu driven, touch color screen interface that is user friendly. The ion chamber is one of Capintec's most reliable, the high pressure chamber is designed to measure doses as high as 6 Ci (250 GBq) while providing pinpoint accuracy. Unit offers printer capabilities, USB/PC communications, plug and play chamber and expanded remote capabilities. These ensure that the CRC®-55tR is designed to improve efficiency in the clinical departments. The functional design is both innovative and caters simplicity of use. The large, easy-to-read display shows number, name, nuclide, activity, calibration number, unit of measurement. The custom touch screen interface allows you to enter data using 28 programmable keys. User can choose from 80 nuclides by selecting the nuclide symbol.
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