Calibrator CRC ® -25PET Capintec

Calibrator CRC ® -25PET Capintec
CRC ® -25PET

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The Capintec CRC®-25PET Dose Calibrator is used to meet the requirement of the Nuclear Medicine and PET Department. The features that optimizes the usage of the device include USB capabilities, for software upgrades there is SD flash cards, chamber plug-and-play, the capability of adding a second PET chamber, improved remote functionality and many others. The custom keyboard is used to enter all nuclide data. There are 9 user-definable keys included in the keyboard. The memory stores four reference sources that are decay-corrected for every day’s time and date without manual intervention. The design of the device is space efficient that enables large, easy to read display. The self-diagnostics and Dose calibration quality control tests are inherent. These features of the device subtract the background and zero automatically and make the CRC®-25PET extremely user-friendly as well. The printing of full-size records and patient tickets with peel off labels is allowed by optional printers. It is used in vial and syringe identification. The utmost activity range is increased for high energy PET isotopes by condensed chamber pressure and enlarged bias voltage.
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