Calibrator CRC ® -127R Capintec

Calibrator CRC ® -127R Capintec
CRC ® -127R

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The CRC-127R carries on the culture of excellent operational characteristics and a global renown of performance superiority which have been attributed to Capintec Dose Calibrators. Through the ability to select manually or automatically in both Becquerels or Curies, the CRC-127R eliminates any complexity in operation. The CRC-127R offers 8 predefined settings for calibration for regularly utilized radionuclides: Tc-99m, Tl-201, Ga-67, In-111, I-131, I-123, Xe-133, and Moly Assay. More than that, it enables calibration settings for 200+ extra nuclides. For any radionuclide, the Precision Potentiometer rotates in calibration settings. The CRC-127R is the most cost-efficient dose calibrator by Capintec and holds the most extended warranty of any dose calibrator there is.
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