Baropodometry platform BODYTRONIC® 300 Bauerfeind

Baropodometry platform BODYTRONIC® 300 Bauerfeind

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The Bodytronic 300 works with a specific scanning process that can measure the shape of a patient's lower leg and feet and can create a digital 3D model while reviewing static foot pressure through the use of an integrated pressure plate on the inside of the material. This is used to help with measuring the area for when orthotics or custom-made shoes have to be designed. It's especially useful for diabetic shoes or for when compression knee stockings have to be designed. The automatic video imaging process works for both feet and can be used with 3D models to enhance the processes. It also uses a display impact to show plantar pressure to show how the foot looks and what type of shoe is ideal when preparing a device. This can also store data as needed for CAD processing plans and to get specific shoes designed the right way.
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