Banquet trolley / refrigerated COOLSERV Socamel Technologies

Banquet trolley / refrigerated COOLSERV Socamel Technologies

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Dissociated technical trolley for long distance cold links. Thanks to its CO2 cooling, it has a cooling autonomy of 4 1/2 hours in summer without electric power supply. Fitted with traceability as a standard and adapted to washing in cabins, it guarantees the compliance with HACCP. Compact and strong, it is perfectly adapted to transport in non refrigerated trucks Coolserv is composed of a transport trolley and the remote i-Serv 2 terminal. Socamel Technologies has chosen an internationally recognised partner Linde Gas for its patented injection technique Snowcool. Coolserv is the only trolley to use pulsed air with CO2 refrigeration. Robustness It resists to shocks during transport thanks to its lower and upper single block bumpers. Ergonomics and ease of handling Easy handling thanks to its 4 handling grips. 2 doors for less handling during the meal loading and serving phases. The trolley only has the components needed for the rethermalisation of the hot side. No electronics are embarked in the trolley. Compliance with the cold chain The temperature is maintained at 3° by the CO2 which is injected and stored in the two containers. The Coolserv trolley uses the new Evercool dividing panel, it makes it possible to significantly improve rethermalisation times, thermal inertia and electric consumption. Hygiene There are no water retention areas. The trolley is compatible with all washing techniques (hose, foam gun, washing cabin, steam,...)
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