Distribution trolley / meal / with hinged door / closed-structure SERVITHERM Socamel Technologies

Distribution trolley / meal / with hinged door / closed-structure SERVITHERM Socamel Technologies

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The Servitherm tray trolley provides thermally insulated transport between kitchen and hospital or catering units. A link in a secure logistics chain, it respects the cold chain right up until meals are distributed. Robustness The Servitherm tray trolley is resistant to bumps during transport: aluminium and stainless steel or all stainless steel internal surfaces, height-aligned bumpers, 3-hinge door, etc. Ergonomics Quick to load and unload due to specially designed rails. Manageable due to low weight. Designed for Gastronorm 530x325 mm format trays and Euronorm 600x400 mm format baskets Respecting the cold chain Insulated to maintain temperatures in accordance with legislation, Servitherm includes housing for a eutectic plate. Hygiene Washing the trolley inside and out is quick and easy, even with a low-pressure hose. There are no areas for water retention. The Servitherm range: GN1/1 in 10 and 14 levels GN2/1 in 8,10 and 12 levels EN1/1 for 9 crates Options If storage and transport time is over 3 hours, onboard technology designed to resist vibrations and bumps during transport may be added for warming or cooling. Once turned on, the trolley reaches the set temperature (programmable from 0° to 90°C) Towing solutions for trolleys allowing transport between kitchen and different buildings (up to 3 trolleys per journey). Related products Servitherm can also be linked to the Multiserv trolley and the Thermatronic oven, particularly in upstream transport (for instance: a central kitchen delivers to a school canteen or a retirement home that is under the control of a hospital).
  • Structure:closed-structure
  • Applications:distribution
  • Components:with hinged door
  • Use:meal
United Kingdom

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