Software / meal distribution management I-SERV VISION Socamel Technologies

Software / meal distribution management I-SERV VISION Socamel Technologies

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The i-Serv Vision monitoring software lets you view traceability data: warnings, programmes and maintenance. This fulfils the HACCP approach and health departments expectations. Its specific design makes it a practical, pleasant tool, which can be installed on PCs running Windows. Helps decision-making i-Serv Vision lets you: view temperature curves in standard or extended traceability; keep central records of machine status by viewing alarms; remote programme machines off-line or in real time; view machine logs to carry out a diagnostic; edit distribution, programming, traceability and maintenance reports; automatically check the quality of rethermalization in accordance with threshold parameters. Ergonomics i-Serv Vision operates with i-Serv Technology and Double Flow/ Ergoserv, Ergosert, Compactserv and Multiserv docking stations and trolleys i-Serv Vision can be used in a single station or multi-station network to manage a multi-site hospital or buildings fleet It can communicate with the product : off-line: using fixed or mobile transfer boxes; in real time: Double Flow docking stations and Compactserv trolleys are connected by Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • Function:meal distribution management
United Kingdom

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