Banquet trolley / warming ROOMSERV Socamel Technologies

Banquet trolley / warming ROOMSERV Socamel Technologies

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Specially designed for the distribution of meal trays using a hot link, Roomserv gives value to your catering service by making the users' work easier. Performance Roomserv is fitted with forced directional heat convection technology which guarantees the variety of menus and the conservation of organoleptic properties,... It maintains the temperature autonomously and automatically at the defined serving time. The highly insulated second generation dividing panel - a Socamel exclusivity - separates the hot and cold dishes for even longer thermal inertia and reduced energy consumption. Ergonomics Highly compact, the Roomserv is easy to handle thanks to its 5 wheels and its ergonomic handling grips which are soft to the touch. Signs show the hot and cold sides in order to avoid all mistakes when loading. The command panel makes it possible to view essential information. A flat, secure top surface to store the accessories needed to serve and clear away. 4 doors for the independent management of hot and cold without heat loss. Traceability Roomserv is standard fitted with a card reader to retrieve traceability and programming data and view tit directly on the i-Serv Vision software on a PC. HACCP compliance Free from water retention, the Roomserv trolley is easy to clean. Optionally Roomserv can have automatic built-in steam disinfection. A patented solution developed in partnership with Sanivap, the leader in steam disinfection for hospitals.
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