Allograft bone substitute / rigid Osnatal® Aap Implantate

Allograft bone substitute / rigid Osnatal® Aap Implantate

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The product is a human bone allograft of superior quality. The product is manufactured by the method of supercritical carbon dioxide (scCo2). Therefore the product can be used in neurosurgery, traumatology and orthopedics where reconstruction and filling of bone is required. For the bone material of high quality the donor tissue of the product is processed from clinical centers and hospitals which follow guidelines of EU. The process of supercritical carbon dioxide is used effectively to inactivate and eliminate the activity of the four tested virus such as HIV-I, Polio, Sindbis, Sabin and Pseudorabies by developing higher reduction factor than four magnitude order. All mendullary tissues are removed completely which is responsible for adverse immune response. The allografts which are processed by supercritical carbon dioxide osseointegration much faster as compared to the allografts that is non-treated.
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