Bone cement BonOs® Inject Aap Implantate

Bone cement BonOs® Inject Aap Implantate
BonOs® Inject

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The BonOs® Inject is characterized by the perfect blend of a long application time, a short mixing period with greater preliminary cohesion. This results in minimized risk of leakage of cement. The cement facilitates both kyphoplasty as well as vertebroplasty. The two parts of the product rapidly combine together and form a homogeneous paste which has adequate viscosity for percutaneous injection. After a while of waiting, the amalgamated BonOs® Inject becomes steady for quite some time, resulting in minimum time pressure at times of application. The chance of cement leakage is decreased, owing to greater preliminary cohesion, guaranteed by the chemical composition of polymers. The cement arrives at its ultimate viscosity after a short waiting time, for the application. Adding a large amount of zirconium dioxide calls for adequate optimal X-ray visualization of BonOs® Inject. This results in undertaking an application which is fully secure.
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