Xenograft bone substitute / rigid Cerabone® Aap Implantate

Xenograft bone substitute / rigid Cerabone® Aap Implantate

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Cerabone is manufactured from bovine cancellous bone and is in its system and structure nearly identical to that of human bone. Cerabone is a ceramic bone substitute for permanent bone filling or reconstruction of aseptic bone defects. Cerabone is organised from bovine cancellous bone under consistently standardized conditions. The porosity of the ceramic varies between 65 to 80 Vol% and the pores size lies within a range of approximately 100 - 1,500 ?m.Cerabone has marginal dissimilarity in porosity and mechanical properties of human trabecular bone. Interconnecting macroand microporous hydroxyapatite ceramic system realizes a higher compressive potency than human trabecular bone. It can processing under elevated temperature for several hours (sintering > 1,200 °C) .
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